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Chakra Balancing-
In this session, your therapist will assess which chakras are out of balance and help draw energy to those areas, creating a more harmonious energy balance in the emotional and spiritual body, as well as the physical body. A typical session incorporates the use of rattles, pendulums and essential oils and lasts 45 minutes. 

You leave knowing more about the state of your energetic body and with a sense of deep relaxation, calm and peace. We recommend combining this treatment with our Hot Stone Massage, Hawaiian Massage or with a Reiki Healing Session, but it is effective as a stand alone treatment, too.

Chakra Balancing Session



Reiki Healing-
Reiki is a Japanese energy-based healing technique that uses life force energy or 'ki' to balance the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki is an effective treatment for pain management and an excellent stress management tool. Several clinical trials have shown positive results with the use of Reiki for the treatment of anxiety, cancer treatment side effects and depression.

In your Reiki session, you will remain clothed and your therapist will place her hands above or gently on the body. The Reiki practitioner serves as a conduit supplying healing energy where it is most needed. You may feel a sense of warmth on the area being worked on. You will leave feeling much like you would after meditating...calm, rested and at peace. 

We recommend combining this treatment with our Signature Massage or a Chakra Balancing Session, but it is complimentary to any of our treatments.

Reiki Healing

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