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What our clients are saying:

"I have much more range of motion in my neck and shoulders since getting the myofascial massage! You and Rabiah did an amazing job. I NEED MORE!! "
A. Keith

"I have gone to places known for their massage, like Kripalu, and this was by far the best massage I ever have had." 



"I just wanted to let you know what an amazing massage I had with Rabiah yesterday.  I'm pretty picky about my deep tissue techniques, but Rabiah added so much more to a really great massage with the heat, aromatherapy and her overall warmth and care.  She is truly lovely."

D. Tudder

"I recently had a signature massage from Ginny at Nova Bodyworks. I have to say that it was one of the BEST massages that I’ve ever received. I loved how she was able to incorporate aromatherapy, Swedish & deep tissue massage as well as a few techniques that are used during a facial. I left feeling totally stress-free and can’t stop thinking about my next massage with Ginny…which I’m scheduling for this month!"

Heather R

"Lomi Lomi and hot stones are the first massages I have ever had that fully supported and appreciated my body for exactly how it is and made every inch of me feel relaxed revived and renewed." 


"Ginny gives a great, relaxing, therapeutic massage. She had me choose the scent for the massage oil / lotion (a small but significant thing for me). She asked me all the right questions beforehand, explored what kind of massage I wanted, and treated me to a warm towels on my feet (took the chill away immediately!), a warm towel on my face .. . . she even massaged my ears (I know it sounds weird, but it's really nice). She asked me if I was going right home so she knew whether or not to mess up my hair and makeup. The atmosphere was quiet, calming, I actually felt in a different world past that door. A massage is a very personal thing and Ginny made it a gentle respite and rejuvenation time. I will be going back."

Sharon Rainey

"Melissa takes massage to whole new level with Lomi Lomi. It is an invigorating and relaxing whole body experience; that encourages your mind, body and spirit to connect in harmony." 


"Rabiah is really FANTASTIC.  I have pep in my step and my body is feeling wonderful.  I am swimming, bike riding, and yes, jogging better.  I am so happy to be back at home with Nova Body Works."

Pia H.

"Ginny of Nova BodyWorks is a very knowledgeable massage therapist. You won't get the uneducated approach here. She knows all the muscles and tissues and is very focused on helping you with specific parts of your body which may need that extra help to heal or just feel better. She talks with you to find out all about your concerns and will even research further if she thinks there might be something else out there to help you. She is always furthering her knowledge and techniques with classes and education. I've had alot of massages and Ginny is tops on my list of great massages."

Doris L

"I just wanted to thank you, Melissa, for helping me feel so much better! I can move without pain! I hope you realize what a wonderful gift you have." 
"Rabiah did a wonderful job with the mini-facial, with really nice touch and technique. I get facials on a regular basis and thought her technique was comparable to my aesthetician's experienced touch. She also was sensitive to my neck situation and worked well with it (as she always does)."
Bonnie Grove
"My massage and facial was just fantastic. I had the blueberry bliss facial and the massage along with the facial was so relaxing and just what I needed to relax for the upcoming weekend.  I will definitely be a return customer! "
L DeMeeter
"I myself am a very good massage therapist but I too need very good work done on me so I can maintain my health. I HIGHLY recommend Ginny. Ginny is excellent. My fiance now gets massage from her instead of me!"
Kate Vickers


The Zen treatment was wonderful! I like these kind of “themed” treatments. Keep them coming.
Here’s what I particularly liked:
--Good neck work.  The kinks and pain are gone.
--Nice atmosphere and music. Calming.
--Loved the aromas and the fragrances of the products.
--Loved the heated elements of the treatment.
--Liked the accupressure.
--Loved the 90 minutes—felt like 30, it went so fast!
C. Strock

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"Thank you so much. You are very talented and obviously have honed that talent. I have never experienced a massage like your Lomi Lomi before and now that I have, I doubt I would go back to a 'run of the mill' massage." 

"I’ve never had anything like the Lomi Lomi massage. When I closed my eyes I felt like I was in Hawaii. I liked the aroma of the hot coconut oil. It felt good on the body. The foot and toe massage was one of my favorite parts of the massage. Melissa is professional and knowledgeable and I like how she gave the history of Lomi Lomi beforehand since I did not know anything about it."
John Haneklau

"I went on Saturday for a Lomi Lomi massage. I had never had this type of massage and like to experience things at least once. I can not describe what it felt like when I walked out of the room. I felt whole, energetically complete and truly balanced. I had not felt that way in a very long time. I am very picky and require that my therapist understand not only massage but also energy work. This was more than that. It is the first time in a very long time that I have found a massage that truly balanced both my energetic and physical bodies. I intend to create the space, both in time and in money, for me to get this massage because it is well worth it. It is an absolutely amazing experience."

"I have read about you on the web site but so many massage therapists say similar things but when you get to them they do not have the knowledge you have. What sold me was Lisa talking about how much I would love your massage. I have not ever heard anyone say that you specialize in clinical massage and how good you are with diagnosing things. You would be great for people at a gym or like the Trinity members who are floundering out there somewhere......we all scattered and are not sure where to go for services like this. I loved the massage you gave me and the helpful things you passed on to me. I have been doing the homework for the hip stretches and hand massages. Thanks so much for how caring and helpful you are!"
R. Graybill
"From the moment I met Rabiah I knew I was in for a treat.  Her presence is amazing and she brought that energy into the massage.  I appreciate a deep tissue massage.  The bamboo massage was excellent at getting deeper into my muscles without feeling the uncomfortable poking of fingers in areas where my muscles needed more intense work.  After Rabiah finished massaging the left side of my back I was amazed at how aware I became of the tension in the right side of my body.   I could feel the right side of my body positioned unnaturally on the table because of the tension.  As Rabiah massaged the right side of my body I felt it relax into proper alignment.
For me, physical touch is one of the benefit of receiving massage.   The Bamboo massage is a blend of physical touch and deep work with the bamboo sticks.
A big thank you to Ginny for staying abreast on the latest techniques in massage and bringing them to our community. If you have never had a massage at Nova Bodyworks I highly recommend the experience.  It’s first class all the way."
Cheryl Harris
Potomac Falls, VA
"Thank you for bringing the Bamboo Massage experience to the Nova Body Works!  It was an amazing experience.  I loved it.  I believe I got an even deeper massage with the bamboo technique than with a typical massage. I felt relaxed all afternoon and evening, and slept like a baby that night.  Can’t wait for my next one."
Michael Terrell
"Summer Zen felt exactly like heaven.  I could not believe how my legs responded to the massage.  They were tingling.  This massage hits all the right spots for Triathletes; legs, arms, and feet."
Pia Hall

"I enjoyed the Summer Zen treatment yesterday with Rabiah.
I would definitely do this treatment again.
I loved the mint cream, the smell was very relaxing and cooling. The cooling leg mask was wonderful, the perfect thing to take away heat, stress, and tension - especially for me since I stand so much. The reflexology was great, I think I actually dozed off a few times! "
Bonnie Grove

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